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Mushroom by Synergy Agro-allied..

The global mushroom market size was valued at USD 50.3 billion in 2021 alone.

Key into the Agro-wealth and make money from Mushroom farming, processing, storage and exporting.  All you need to know about this money-spinner. Order Now!


The Tea culture has come to stay and because of its health benefits, convenience and class, it will define the work culture much more than  you will ever imagine. Synergy Premium Tea: ‘Oriclove’Oregin’ & ‘Black Seed’ tea is at the fore front of this evolution. Open for distributors and resellers. 


We source and supply all kinds of farm products without stress. Good quality, logistics stress- free and timely. We supply for individuals and business.


The Agricultural wealth revolution is real. Equip your self for the hustle.  Take Agric business courses that will prepare you for the market. Learn at your pace and time.


Food processing and packaging is big time business because people need convenience. Do you want to start one but your scared of the cost of processing machines? We can help you process and package.


Without an appealing identity and  package you don’t have a business. We will help you design, source for the best packaging materials that suits your products.


There is only one path to wealth, that is investment. You can multiply your streams of income through Agric investment. Let your money work for you while you sleep. We have safe Agric  investment portfolios for smart investors.


Farming is no longer subsistence, it is now business. You cant afford to farm using only traditional labour. You need farm equipment’s but if you can not afford to buy one, then rent one. We help connect you to the right sources.


Synergy Agro-allied Multinational Agents are our registered Business Partners. We sublet to them projects within their field of interest and expertise. To qualify for  SAM Agent you must complete the SAM agent Course at Agro elearning. 


Agriculture is a critical sector and because of this importance it also demands a lot of documents standardizations. From CAC, NAFDAC, Trade Mark,  SONCAP, Tax Certificates, etc.  Procuring these documents can be a huge distractions but we are here to help


At Synergy Agro allied Multinational, we provide Precision Agriculture services. helping farmers with IoT and Technology to improve yields, ensure  profitability and  sustainability especially in the face of  increasingly urgent  need for food demands estimated to be at  9 billion by 2020.


it covers all countries satellite constellations. It is the main technology the fuels precision farming and makes managing field work easier.

Technical data is gotten on precision farming and stored on mobile devices.

Used in taking up many tasks in agriculture, including greenhouse crops and pruning vineyards.

Entails uniform delivery of water.

Connects any device with an off/on switch to the internet (and/or each other).

Used to gather data on soil water availability, soil fertility, leaf temperature, leaf area index, plant water status, local climate data, disease – weed infestation.

Relies on grower’s ability to gather accurate data for precise seed planting.

This remotely takes soil reading and could help harvesting be a lot more efficient.

Ensures compatibility across equipment manufactured component.


Join our portfolio investors now and collectively we will guide you to break even. No experience or expertise on investment is needed. We will do the work and you will take the WORTH.

up to 70% ROI Guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions Apply.


Corporate Office

Synergy Agro Allied % El-spice Media Limited. 2 Tudun Wada ring Road. Opp. Karibajo. Jos.

Field Office

Synergy Agro Allied % M.G Kleaners. 12 A. Abattoir Road. Jos. Plateau State.

+234 09088978857, 09088978875, 09035329920,