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You can not go wrong with our millionaire series seminar. With our team of experienced and skilled researchers, facilitators we help you find, understand and exploit available and practical agribusiness information relevant to your interest, niche and wealth multiplication objective.

These are precision guides for investments, based on specific crops, practice or expertise. This is with a view to provide for you adequate knowledge, reports, statistics and industry trends that will enable you make the best of Agro investment decision with an intent to guarantee your ROI.

Synergy Agroallied Premium Tea line is focused on preventive lifestyle. Our brand target is to help our customers live healthy today to prevent health problems tomorrow. To achieve this, you need to clear and protect your system from free radicals. The major goal of free radicals is to weaken and destroy your cells. 

Mushroom by Synergy Agro-allied..

According to Global Forecast

The mushroom cultivation market was about a value of USD 16.7 billion in 2020. 

Going forward, the global mushroom cultivation market is projected to witness significant growth due to factors such as the multiple health benefits of mushrooms, increasing per capita mushroom consumption, cost-effective production and rising demand for vegan and natural food in the diet and increasing health-conscious population across the globe. However, the lack of technical knowledge for spawn production among growers in developing countries can hinder the growth of the market.

Who we are

Synergy Agro- Allied 


Our activities involve agro value chain integration of Precision Agriculture, Seedlings, Processing, Branding, Packaging, Marketing, Distribution, Investment, Consultancy, Research and Training from a B2B standpoint.

Synergy Agroallied Cooperative


To Generate, Sustain and Multiply wealth through  Agro-Allied Enterprise.


To facilitate and deliver unparalleled end to end agro-allied solutions through Agroallied aggregations, Technology, Finance/Funding, Skills development, Market intelligence and Investment opportunities.


  •  To maximize economic returns for our members by reducing risks and increasing ROI.
  •  To provide a synergy platform for Agro – allied ecosystem.
  •  To provide skills, data and support instruments for investors
  •  To build a sustainable Agric business value chain.
  • To Accelerate economic growth and sustainability
  • To expand the Wealth  curve
  • To create jobs and employment opportunities.


At Synergy Agro allied, we provide Precision Agriculture services. helping farmers with IoT and Technology to improve yields, ensure  profitability and  sustainability especially in the face of  increasingly urgent  need for food demands estimated to be at  9 billion by 2020.


it covers all countries satellite constellations. It is the main technology the fuels precision farming and makes managing field work easier.

Technical data is gotten on precision farming and stored on mobile devices.

Used in taking up many tasks in agriculture, including greenhouse crops and pruning vineyards.

Entails uniform delivery of water.

Connects any device with an off/on switch to the internet (and/or each other).

Used to gather data on soil water availability, soil fertility, leaf temperature, leaf area index, plant water status, local climate data, disease – weed infestation.

Relies on grower’s ability to gather accurate data for precise seed planting.

This remotely takes soil reading and could help harvesting be a lot more efficient.

Ensures compatibility across equipment manufactured component.

Opportunities at Synergy Agro-allied Membership


As a registered agent with Synergy Agroallied, you will have the opportunity to represent the brand and its associates in deals, negotiation and any other activity based on a commission.


As a registered Marketer, you will have the opportunity to Market products from the Synergy brand and its associates for better profit margin. This can be online or offline.


As a registered Consultant, you shall have the opportunity to consult for Synergy Agroallied for all its project and that of its associates based on your Expertise and Field.


As a registered Agroallied researcher, you shall have the opportunity to conduct research for the brand and its associates. This shall be based on study and expertise


As a registered distributor with Synergy Agroallied, you will have the opportunity to distribute any of our products and packages and that of our associates.


As an investor with Synergy Agroallied, you will have the opportunity to join investment opportunities on the platform.This is available only to PREMIUM MEMBERS.

OUR Investment system at a glance

Synergy Agro Allied Investment Funnel


There are different entry levels to SA-COOP.  Each registration category carries responsibilities and privileges. Subscription is yearly.


Join our portfolio investors now and collectively we will guide you to break even. No experience or expertise on investment is needed. We will do the work and you will take the WORTH.

up to 70% ROI Guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions Apply.


Corporate Office

Synergy Agro Allied % El-spice Media Limited. 2 Tudun Wada ring Road. Opp. Karibajo. Jos.

Field Office

Synergy Agro Allied % M.G Kleaners. 12 A. Abattoir Road. Jos. Plateau State.

+234 09088978857, 09088978875, 09035329920,