Registration & Membership

There are different entry levels to SA-Coop.  Each registration category carries responsibilities and privileges. Paid subscription is yearly.


Frequently Asked Questions

SA–COOP is an acronym for Synergy Agro Allied Multipurpose Cooperative Society and is duly registered in Nigeria by the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry. SA–COOP activities involves a comprehensive Agribusiness value chain integration and execution: Seedlings, Planting, Harvesting, Storage, Processing, Branding, Packaging, Livestock Farming, Agro Marketing, Distribution, Investment, Consultancy, Research, Training, Policy and Advocacy.

Signing up is not rocket science, you only have to register as a Premium member by filling out the form online or offline then pay the subscription fee and boom! You are on your way to multiplying wealth through viable Agribusiness opportunities and platforms that SA–COOP shall provide you. You will specifically be alerted to investment opportunities via our portfolio system.   


It depends on the volume of your investment per Portfolio. Every portfolio has a Wholesale cost and a retail cost.  Whole sale sum is the bulk amount that covers the Investment process. While retail cost is the breaking down of a portfolio into 2 or more parts. For instance, if the Mushroom portfolio is worth let’s say $100, 000 USD and you contribute the whole amount, you are entitled to $2, 200, 000 USD upon maturation of investment cycle. This a reward for being the only source of investment. However, when there are two (2) or more investors on one portfolio, depending on size of investment you will make 100% or less.

These are openings and opportunities of specific Agric business opportunities(Portfolios). Each opportunity emerges with specific timelines and conditions. This time line is what is known as investment window. Premium members who already belong to the Wealth Club are alerted through Text, email and some time calls of the unfolding investment opportunities to leverage on. 

This is the period of time it takes from the beginning, planning, raising capital, actual investment of funds, growth and finally cash flow from the investment. It essentially describes the time from when funds are invested and eventually yield returns. Simply put, it is the duration  and life circle of each investment portfolio from financing to maturation.

Yes! Immediately you invest in a portfolio, you shall be entitled to a monthly Performance report on your investment(s). The report shall provide summary breakdown of the timeline, progress, challenges, innovations and strategic realignments if and when occasion demands. need be and

Why not, If not! Smart investors are very much aware that multiple investment channels is equivalent to multiple streams of income and as a matter of fact it is the easiest way to multiply wealth. We do not only allow it, we encourage it. How ever you need to know that each portfolio is treated like an independent investment venture.


  • Access to Agro allied Ecosystem
  • Access to discounted purchase on SA-Coop.Platforms


  • Access to Agro allied Ecosystem
  • Access to discounted purchase on SA-Cop. Platforms
  • Discounted access to SA-Coop. paid events
  • Referrals for Skills and Service

ENGAGEMENT : Second Level Sign Up

Sign up for  work referrals at a percentage  . Available for paid members only.  AGENT | MARKETER | PARTNER | RESEARCHER | CONSULTANT | DISTRIBUTOR 


  • Access to Agro allied Ecosystem
  • Access to discounted purchase on SA-Coop. Platforms
  • Discounted access to SA-Coop. paid events
  • Referrals for Skills and Service
  • Rights to first refusal
  • Voting rights
  • Access to loans and Funding


  • Secure a portfolio through investments. Based on the investments opportunities available such as Farming,  Farm products, Live stock, Machinery, , Processed Products  and Specialize  services. 
  • Investment port folio has its cycle and window. Based on markets forces such as demand, policy, availability of product / service, profit margin, and other investments
  • Investment amount shall depend on required Capital per portfolio, Investment Window and Investment Cycle. 
  • Investment Cycle is the duration of each investments. from financing to maturation.
  • We have only 4 investments cycles. 3 Months | 9 Months | 12 Months | 24 months