ASynergy Agroalied
Synergy Agroallied Cooperative Community Agrobussiness Programme

SA-Coop.- CAP

Synergy Agro Allied Community Agribusiness Programme (SA-Coop. CAP) is designed to connect rural farmers to urban markets. The programme is built on 7 pillar objectives.

  1. Introduce Agro business to Community Farmers
  2. Serve as reliable off takers for famers
  3. Provide actionable Agribusiness Intelligence for participating communities through Knowledge Transfer, Inter Community Exchange, Research incubation centers.
  4. Create Agribusiness support structures for participating farmers.
  5. Provide a reliable Investment platform for Synergy Agro Premium Members
  6. Create an assured funnel for raw materials for Synergy processing units.
  7. Support relevant MDGs Goals

PARTICIPATION IS FREE through registered community leaders.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN SA-Coop. CAP) Contact our help center for guidance.



Plateau State, Jos East (Ker Ker)

Kaduna State, Kagoro

Kaduna State, Kafanchan


8 Hectares

10 Hectares

13 Hectares

farm produce

Soya Bean

Soya Bean



25 Male / 15 Women

30 Male / 10 Women

28 Male / 19 Women

Harvest Time

Octorber 2020

Octorber 2020

January 2021