Murphy Unegbu Co-founder and President

Co-founder, President

From Abia State Nigeria, Murphy Gospel Unegbu is a Serial Entrepreneur.*

He is the C.E.O of M-G KLEANERS, MG FLOUR AND A SCOUTBALLER. M-G KLEANERS* is into Laundry, Fumigation, Pest control, Waste disposal and the production of laundry and cleaning materials with brands such as MG Starch, Liquid Wash and Bleach. *MG Flour* is into the processing of Vegetables, Fruits, Tubers and Grains into Dietary flour, powder and starch for domestic and industrial use with brands like MG Irish Potato Flour, Beetroot Flour, Tomato Powder and many more.

Victor Prince Dickson Co-Founder and Vice President Synergy Agroallied

Co-founder, Vice President

Inventor, Founder, Author, Speaker, Teacher and Serial Entrepreneur

Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense, Founder of MRT Academy, Lead proponent of Organic Intelligence, The Human Singularity Programme. He is the Author of Thinking Field Trilogy and Anatomy of Entrepreneurship. He is a seasoned Business Consultant and a Serial Entrepreneur.  Director at El-spice Media Limited, Co-Founder, Green Mart Express, Co-Founder Hadassah Educations Integrated, Continent coordinator WCIW Africa   and more.


Ebele Victor Dickson is the founder of Natureganic Society, convener Natureganics Summit and C.E O of House of Stazia, a company with vast interest and expertise in Natural and Organic Innovations, Products and Services. She is an eat right Advocate.


Maxwell Yekaghe is a project development and management expert. The proponent of “Valuefestation”, Maxwell works at El-spice Media limited as the Head of Operations


Saint Charles Emmanuel is a Leadership Coach, Digital Media Expert. He is a Curator at VMedia TV Africa, LinkedIn Connect Convener and Head of Media at El-spice.